A specific area of the trading floor that is designed for the trading of commodities, individual futures, or option contracts. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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pit pit [pɪt] noun [countable]
1. FINANCE an area of the floor of a financial market where buying and selling takes place and dealers speak directly to each other; = FLOOR; TRADING FLOOR:

• the currency pit of the Chicago Commodity Exchange

• the most active trader in the world's most active futures-trading pit

2. a mine, especially a coal mine:

• We have no choice but to close unprofitable pits.

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   An often self-contained section on an exchange floor for the trading of a particular type of financial instrument or commodity.
   ► See also Open Outcry.

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pit UK US /pɪt/ noun [C]
STOCK MARKET the area of a stock exchange used for trading: »

Many traditional pits have moved their business to electronic trading systems.

Compare THE FLOOR(Cf. the floor)
NATURAL RESOURCES a deep area underground from which a natural resource is taken by digging: »

a coal/clay/gravel pit

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